Green Landscape Rating System

IGBC Green Landscape Rating System

Green Landscape System


Need for Green Landscape

Rapid growth in urbanisation has placed immense strain on land and other natural resources which is resulting in reduction of green spaces. It is also resulting in a demographic switch from a rural to a predominantly urban society. As urbanisation continues to grow, there is an imminent need to enhance the green cover in all the cities. This is particularly true for developing countries, where urbanisation is progressing.

Green concepts and techniques in the landscape can help address national issues like water efficiency, energy efficiency, waste management and enhancing biodiversity. Most importantly, these concepts can create healthier and safer places for people to live, work & play and also makes good business sense.

Benefits of Green landscapes

The Green Landscapes can have tremendous benefits, both tangible and intangible. Few benefits include:
  • Water savings: 40-50 %
  • Enhances biodiversity
  • Enables health and well-being
  • Promotes native species
  • Energy savings: 30-40%
  • Effective waste management

IGBC Green Landscape Rating System

Against this background, Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) of CII with the support of all the stakeholders has launched 'IGBC Green Landscape Rating System. 'IGBC Green Landscape Rating System' is the first Rating Programme developed in India, exclusively for landscapes which address National priorities. This new Rating System holistically covers modules on water conservation, selection of species of landscaping, aesthetics, health & well-being and energy conservation.

When to use IGBC Green Landscape Rating:

IGBC Green Landscape Rating System is designed primarily for new landscapes. However, it is also applicable for existing landscapes in accordance with the IGBC Green Landscape Rating System criteria.

The project team can evaluate all the possible points to apply under the rating system using a checklist. The project can apply for IGBC Green Landscape certification if it can meet all mandatory requirements and achieve the minimum required points.

Scope of IGBC Green Landscapes

IGBC Green Landscape Rating System is a measurement system designed for rating new and existing parks/gardens which are broadly classified into two categories:

  • Small parks/gardens (< 5 acres)
  • Large parks/gardens (> 5 acres)

Landscape facilities in Residential/ Commercial/ Institutional/ Industrial/ Amusement/ Resorts/ Campus/ Airport/ Hotels/ Hospitals/ Retail/ SEZ's/ Convention centre/ Temples /IT parks/ Heritage sites/ Film cities & similar facilities/ Government offices/ Community parks/ Botanical Garden/ Clubs/ Guesthouses/ Memorial Parks can apply the rating tool.

The park / garden should be a single parcel of land and it cannot be in multiple pockets.


Project teams interested in IGBC Green Landscape Certification for their project must first register with IGBC. Registration is the initial step which helps establish contact with IGBC and provides access to the required documents, important communications and other necessary information.

To register your project visit IGBC Green Landscape Registration Page.

Once the project is registered, the project team can start preparing for documentation & calculations to satisfy mandatory requirements and credit submittal requirements.

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